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Mizzou Athletics Now Offering Whole Body Cryotherapy

By Mizzou | November 15, 2016

Cryosauna generates very cold temperatures to help support health and wellness

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Continuing its commitment to being on the leading edge of athletic training technology, the University of Missouri Department of Athletics Sports Medicine program is now offering whole-body cryotherapy to its student-athletes. The department installed two cryosauna modules this week that will provide unique benefits for training, maintenance and recovery and regeneration for its athletes for years to come.

Mizzou has partnered with Impact Cryotherapy, the dominant brand for whole-body cryotherapy in the United States, and joins a select group of Division I athletic programs offering this technology, a few of which include the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech University, Wake Forest University and Georgetown University, among a handful of others. In addition, the same technology is being utilized by Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals, as well as both participants in the 2016 World Series – the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.

Cryotherapy is a cold therapy modality where users stand for three minutes in a chamber filled with nitrogen vapor that drops to temperatures between -90°C to -120°C.  It is an emerging technology that provides many benefits related to athletic recovery and overall wellness. As temperatures rapidly cool, oxygen is pushed through the body to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and assist in muscle recovery.

“We are very excited to become an industry leader with this technology,” said Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine Rex Sharp. “With cryotherapy, we believe our athletes can train harder but recover quicker to help get more productive results from their workouts. Many people who have experienced it say it provides an invigorating, euphoric experience and it is used as an alternative to traditional ice baths. Impact Cryotherapy has the premier reputation among providers of cryosaunas and we were happy to work with them to make this a reality,” he said.

Richard E. Otto, Impact Cryotherapy’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, said, “We are delighted to work with Mizzou Athletics in bringing cryotherapy to their program. We look forward to working with Rex and his team to ensure that their student-athletes derive the maximum benefit from this unique form of therapy,” said Otto.

“Our experience with the Impact cryosauna has been very well received,” said Nick Kenney, Head Athletic Trainer for the 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals. “We feel it’s been a big part of us being able to reduce inflammation and joint pain, and also improve our sleep patterns for our players to help them recover quicker for the next day,” he said.